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Sunday, November 29, 2020

Future of the Kitchen

 Our own innovation centers had 'kitchens of the future' to demonstrate product use and appliance integration.    Consumer behavior in context.      We invited companies to provide future scenarios.   This was in the first flurry of smartphone usage.  Good piece here. 

The Future of Kitchen Design Is Hands-Free, Smartphone-Activated

The Wall Street Journal  J.S. Marcus

Kitchen appliance designers and manufacturers increasingly rely on technological advances, using cameras, sensors, artificial intelligence, and novel materials to modernize the kitchen. Appliance maker Miele's G7000 dishwashers are equipped with sensors that prompt owners' smartphones to reorder detergent when running low, while rival Bosch's dishwashers are made with a Zeolite mineral compound that helps plastic items dry more efficiently. Bosch also has integrated refrigerator cameras with its new cloud-accessing system, so they can suggest recipes based on ingredients currently stocked. The Covid-19 pandemic also is reshaping homeowners' kitchen expectations, with touchless features and sanitization increasingly desired.

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