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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Quantum Networks

Technical, hardware.

Building a Quantum Network, One Node at a Time

University of Rochester NewsCenter   By Bob Marcotte

A nanoscale quantum node fabricated from magnetic and semiconducting material by researchers at New York State’s University of Rochester and Cornell University could interact with other nodes though the use of laser light to send and receive photons. The node is built from an array of pillars just 120 nanometers high, within a platform containing atomically thin layers of tungsten diselenide and chromium triiodide. Each pillar is a location marker for a quantum state that can engage with photons, and the associated photons can potentially interact with other sites across the device, and with similar arrays at other locations. Rochester's Arunabh Mukherjee said the development “will go a long way in miniaturizing a quantum computer based on single hole spins."

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