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Friday, November 20, 2020

IOT Deep Learning Enabled

Of Course, a step forward we need to do systematically.   Can this make our home devices learn from their experiences?   Have them ask for help?  Look for help from other sources?   Try out solutions?

 System Brings Deep Learning to Internet of Things Devices

MIT News   By Daniel Ackerman

November 13, 2020

Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers have developed a system that could implement deep learning within Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The MCUNet system designs compact neural networks that supply unprecedented speed and accuracy amid memory and processing constraints. MCUNet features two critical co-designed elements for running neural networks on microcontrollers—TinyEngine, an inference engine that directs resource management; and TinyNAS, a neural architecture search algorithm that produces custom-sized networks. The University of California at Berkeley's Kurt Keutzer said this development "extends the frontier of deep neural network design even farther into the computational domain of small energy-efficient microcontrollers." He added that MCUNet could "bring intelligent computer-vision capabilities to even the simplest kitchen appliances, or enable more intelligent motion sensors."  ... ' 

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