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Friday, November 20, 2020

Insikt Group to Reduce Risk

Like the idea of risk reduction being specifically included, rarely done well enough, and especially  useful ly and measurably.   Just brought to my attention.

How Insikt Group’s Operational Outcomes Team Drives Action to Reduce Risk  By Lindsay Kaye

I’m Lindsay Kaye, the director of operational outcomes for Insikt Group®. Insikt Group as a whole produces analyst-generated insights to generate validated intelligence sources within the Recorded Future® Platform. Insikt Group also performs novel security intelligence research in a variety of different areas, including nation-state threat actor groups, threat actors operating in the criminal underground, and all manner of technical topics.

Simply put, the operational outcomes team creates insights that drive action that can be taken to reduce the risk associated with an identified threat. Our team also specializes in technical research, supporting our own focus area and other specialized teams within Insikt Group.  ... " 

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