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Saturday, October 17, 2020

Singapore Using Facial Recognition Broadly

  Note the focused use, and the automatic disposal of the data after 30 days.   Is this sufficient to sufficiently suppress misuse?   Once again,  it is inevitable that such methods will be used broadly. 

 In Singapore, Facial Recognition Getting Woven Into Everyday Life  from ACM

Singaporeans will be able to access government and other services through a facial recognition feature in its SingPass national identity program.

SingPass Face Verification lets users securely log in to their government services accounts at public kiosks and on home computers, tablets, and mobile phones just using their faces. Singapore's Government Technology Agency said the data collected via facial recognition is "purpose-driven," solely for a specific transaction, and deleted after 30 days.

The technology allegedly prevents login attempts using photos, masks, and deepfakes, as well as repelling replay attacks, which use a recording of a person's face to attempt authentication.  ... " 

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