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Saturday, October 31, 2020

Data Commons now Available via Google Search

Brought back to my attention. From Google: 

Data Commons is an open knowledge repository that combines data from public datasets using mapped common entities. It includes tools to easily explore and analyze data across different datasets without data cleaning or joining.

What's new:    October 15, 2020:  Data Commons is now accessible on Google Search! Read more here

Explore the data

We cleaned and processed the data so you don't have to. Data about particular entities are aggregated from different sources for a unified view.

Explore Places: Mountain View, CA, New York City Health, Washington, DC Demographics, more ...

Create Timeline Charts: US University Towns by Income, Richest vs. Poorest California Counties, Employment Differences Across Neighboring Cities, more ...

Browse entities in the Data Commons Graph: Austin, TX, New York City Dept. of Education, Encyclopedia of DNA Elements Biosamples, more ...

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