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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

API Security

Pointed out to me recently.   Have not been involved in API security, seems there are useful tips here.

Tips To Strengthen API Security  By Bill Doerrfeld in DevOps

If you haven’t noticed, digital organizations are building more and more APIs. ProgrammableWeb tracks more than 23,000 public web APIs at the time of writing, and the API market is estimated to be worth $5.1 billion by 2023. Building with APIs increases internal interoperability, reduces development time and can extend product functionality tremendously. In short, the value of APIs is rising. However, opening up with APIs brings security caveats that, if not addressed, could result in serious breaches that negate these benefits.  .... 

 ... APIs have been called “the next frontier in cybercrime.” Rightly so, as API breaches continue to pop up nearly every day. Take the recent API vulnerabilities at Cisco Systems, Shopify, Facebook, U.S. presidential campaign apps, and GCP as evidence. The most infamous was likely the Equifax breach—not enforcing formats on incoming API calls resulted in a massive data breach, which cost the company a $700 million lawsuit.  ... " 

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