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Friday, October 30, 2020

Robotic Ships

 Looked at robotic ships for a supply chain project now sometime ago there and were movements then.   See the tag re 'autonomous ships'.   IBM was involved.  Then what seemed like a lapse.  Now are seeing more movement again.  Interesting here the claim that pandemic was pushing this, not sure I agree.

The Robot Ships Are Coming … Eventually  in Wired.

As the pandemic fuels demand for less contact and fewer sailors, shipping companies turn to AI-assisted navigation.

SOMETIME NEXT APRIL, a 50-foot-long autonomous ship will shake loose the digital bonds of its human controllers, scan the horizon with radar, and set a course westward across the Atlantic. The Mayflower Autonomous Ship won’t be taking commands from a human captain like the first Mayflower did during its crossing back in 1620. Instead it will get orders from an “AI captain” built by programmers at IBM.   .... " 

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