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Saturday, October 24, 2020

European Quantum Computing Facility Goes Online

 With some useful statistics about usage and capabilities.  Note integration with simulator.  Good description of use and testing processes in place.

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First European Quantum Computing Facility Goes Online,  By Arnout Jaspers

Quantum Inspire, hosted by QuTech, a collaboration of Delft University of Technology and TNO, the Netherlands Organization for Applied research, consists of two independent quantum processors, Spin-2 and Starmon-5, and a quantum simulator. Anyone can create an account, use the Web interface to write a quantum algorithm, and have it executed by one of the processors in milliseconds (if there is no queue), with the result returned within a minute. The process is fully automated.  

Seen from the outside, Spin-2 and Starmon-5 are two large, cylindrical cryostats hanging from the ceiling in a university building. One floor up, a man-size stack of electronics for each takes care of the cooling, feeding the quantum processor input from users and reading out the results. Usually, there is no one in these rooms.     

The facility officially went online on April 20, and over 1,000 accounts have been created since then. Though many curious visitors never returned, active users now upload about 6,000 jobs.... "

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