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Monday, October 12, 2020

Army Testing AR Goggles for Commanding Dogs

Had not seen the idea before.    For remotely sending commands to dogs.

The Army is Testing AR Goggles for Dogs

 A military dog wearing augmented reality goggles. 

Seattle-based company Command Sight has developed augmented reality devices that can be worn by dogs, through which human handlers can provide visual clues to direct the animal to a specific spot. An often-heard prediction is that augmented reality (AR) could one day become a central tool in our everyday work and play – but it turns out that the technology might not be only suited for humans. 

The U.S. military has unveiled a new project in partnership with Seattle-based company Command Sight, to fit working dogs with AR goggles that would enable soldiers to give orders to the animal at a distance.

Military dogs intervene in tactical operations, patrol, detection and specialized searches. Oftentimes, they can find themselves scouting dangerous areas, looking for explosive devices or materials, for example.

From ZDNet

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