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Friday, October 16, 2020

Towards New Kinds of Search

Like the idea of new kinds of search. How about search with business, data or pattern driven context?  Lots of possibilities.  

Google Search gets hum-to-search and AI query upgrades   Maria Deustcher in SiliconAngle

Google LLC has announced a set of artificial intelligence upgrades to its search engine that will enable users to find more types of information, as well as increase the accuracy of returned results.

Company executives detailed the enhancements at the company’s Search On virtual event on Thursday. 

In cases within users want to find a particular song but can’t remember its name, they can now hum, whistle or sing parts of it and Google will try to identify the tune. That’s made possible by machine learning models that convert the audio into an abstract representation consisting of a series of numbers. This series is then compared to a database of number sequences generated from popular songs.

Looking for videos will become easier as well. Google’s algorithms can now identify key moments in clips indexed by its search engine, tag them and incorporate them into search results. For instance, if a user is looking for information about a step in a recipe, Google could not only surface a relevant culinary video but also flag the specific part of the clip during which the given step is discussed.  ... "

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