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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Hewlett Foundation on Security Cyber Design

Been a long while since I looked at anything by the Hewlett Foundation.  Attended their meetings.  Now back connected.  Visuals are a good thing for communication.  Especially for obscure security concepts.  

Hewlett Foundation Reveals Top Ideas in Cyber Design Competition

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation today announced five top ideas in the international “Cybersecurity Visuals Challenge,” which is focused on producing easily-understandable visuals to better illustrate the complexity and importance of today’s cybersecurity challenges to broad audiences. 

Five winning designers produced a portfolio of openly-licensed designs aimed at explaining the stakes involved in cybersecurity topics like encryption or phishing in more human, relatable terms. 

The winners of the Cybersecurity Visuals Challenge are:  ....  (Details at the link) 

“The challenges we face today online keeping networks and devices secure are far too complex to be illustrated by a shadowy figure in a hoodie hunched over a laptop,” said Eli Sugarman, program officer at the Hewlett Foundation in charge of the Cyber Initiative, a ten-year grantmaking effort devoted to improving cyber policy. “Sophisticated organizations are attacking the security of the internet and we believe the images produced by the participating artists will help increase understanding of these issues for policymakers and the broader public alike.”  ... 

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