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Monday, October 19, 2020

Bringing Power Tool From Math Into Quantum Computing

The implication that this idea can be used for problems already well solved by FFT methods, is considerable.  These kinds of pattern recognition techniques are already well known in engineering applications.    Would like to try this against some problems like machine maintenance.

Bringing Power Tool From Math Into Quantum Computing  Tokyo University of Science (Japan),   October 14, 2020

Scientists at Japan's Tokyo University of Science (TUS) have designed a novel quantum circuit that calculates the fast Fourier transform (FFT) in a faster, versatile, and more efficient manner than previously possible. The quantum fast Fourier transform (QFFT) circuit does not waste any quantum bits, and it exploits the superposition of states to boost computational speed by processing a large volume of information at the same time. Its versatility is another benefit. TUS' Ryoko Yahagi said, "One of the main advantages of the QFFT is that it is applicable to any problem that can be solved by the conventional FFT, such as the filtering of digital images in the medical field or analyzing sounds for engineering applications."

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