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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

MonoEye - Human Motion Capture

 Most interesting approach.  The implications?  Note deep neural approach for selection of poses. Accuracy?  Gathering information for healthcare, sports, training?    Thinking possibilities.

MonoEye: A Human Motion-Capture System Using Single Wearable Camera

Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan)

October 21, 2020

Researchers at Japan's Tokyo Institute of Technology and Carnegie Mellon University have developed a human motion-capture system comprised of an ultra-wide fisheye camera worn on the user's chest. The MonoEye system can capture the user's body motion and their perspective, or "viewport," with a 280-degree field of view. MonoEye incorporates three deep neural networks for real-time calculation of three-dimensional body pose, head pose, and camera pose. The researchers trained the networks on a synthetic dataset of 680,000 renderings of people with a range of body shapes, apparel, actions, background, and lighting conditions, along with 16,000 frames of photorealistic images. .... '

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