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Friday, October 09, 2020

Future of Grocery is Omnichannel

 Clearly, but the how the sculpted elements of the supply chain, from supplier to store to door will require much technology and behavioral experimentation.

The Future of Grocery Is Omnichannel  in Supplychainbrain

October 6, 2020 By Michael Schedlbauer, Global Industry Manager – Grocery Industry, TGW

Which grocery shopping items are you willing to buy online or via click-and-collect? Most of us would be happy to order reliably uniform products, such as toilet paper, frozen vegetables or canned tomatoes, without choosing them off the shelf. But what about fresh fish, or potatoes? Maybe, if you trusted the retailer. Tomatoes and avocadoes, though, are probably a step too far. Most people would prefer to give them a good look-over in person, even a squeeze.

And yet, the growth in online grocery orders — whether for delivery or pick-up — is undeniable. Many consumers made it over the initial hurdle of establishing which online retailers to work with, and taking the time to set up an account, during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Now, they appreciate the gains in convenience and time-saving, and are continuing to shop that way, at least more than they did before. A recent McKinsey report predicted online grocery shopping could rise to more than 10% of the total by 2025, and commented that online grocery is supply driven. As online grocery retailers provide more online capacity and options, customers will adopt this new method of grocery shopping.

Grocery retailers are challenged with building flexibility into their supply chains to meet these new demands; thus we will see the future of grocery retail adopting omnichannel solutions. Consumer demands will continue to evolve in an environment where there is a wider choice of customer journeys, and the grocery industry must be ready to respond.  ... "

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