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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Improving Amateur CGI with iPhone AR

Quite an interesting thought ... positioning you in  your real world.

iPhone AR tech can improve amateur CGI
CamTrackAR uses iOS' AR know-how to make adding effects easier.

Daniel Cooper, @danielwcooper
Match Moving is the process of anchoring a CGI object inside a real-world space, so that the camera treats it as if it was really there. If you’ve seen anything where a camera flies past a movie’s title like it was a road sign, then you’re familiar with how it looks. The process is commonly used in film and TV, but even as it’s gotten a lot cheaper, it’s still difficult to achieve without rotoscoping. HitFilm developer FXHome thinks that it’s found a way of harnessing the iPhone camera to make Match Moving accessible even for rank amateurs.

CamTrackAR is a new app from the British developer, which uses the iPhone’s superior augmented reality skills to simplify the process.  When you start the app, you need to look around a space until it identifies the floor, at which point you can start placing nulls. Nulls are essentially the anchor points within a space that will help VFX artists later add in the CGI elements to the live action.   ... "

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