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Saturday, October 17, 2020

Text Mining with R: Free Book

 One of those sponsored books, to get your email address, via KDNuggets.   What we called Text Analytics.    Looks to be useful intro.

Text Mining with R: Free Book    By Matthew Mayo, KDnuggets.

.... R is designed specifically for statistical computing, in juxtaposition to general purpose languages, the trade-off being that the relative lack of generality means better optimization for specialized scenarios. R's optimization for statistical computing is a big reason why it enjoys such high levels of adoption in data science and analytics.

Text analytics — like all applications and sub-genres of natural language processing — is continually reaching increasing heights of importance for data science, data scientists, and a variety of industries. As R (and its opinionated collection of packages designed for data science, the tidyverse) is an established environment for statistical computing utilized by data scientists, fully capable of performing text analytics, today we will look at Text Mining for R: A Tidy Approach.  ... "

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