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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Behold the Openbot Smart Phone

 A curious and interesting thing.  Strap a smartphone to some wheels and sensors, and you have an OpenBot.  Is it a toy, a test platform, an indication where Intel is going?

How Intel's OpenBot Wants to Make Robots Out of Smartphones  in SpectrumIEEE

Intel talks to us about why OpenBot has a future we should believe in:

You could make a pretty persuasive argument that the smartphone represents the single fastest area of technological progress we’re going to experience for the foreseeable future. Every six months or so, there’s something with better sensors, more computing power, and faster connectivity. Many different areas of robotics are benefiting from this on a component level, but over at Intel Labs, they’re taking a more direct approach with a project called OpenBot that turns US $50 worth of hardware and your phone into a mobile robot that can support “advanced robotics workloads such as person following and real-time autonomous navigation in unstructured environments.”    ... " 

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