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Saturday, October 31, 2020

The Dilemma of Ransomware

Been more educated of late regards the danger of ransomware.   In my early days in the government I remember all the mag tapes we loaded for analysis and backup.   For all sorts of reasons.  Never imagined this one.  But that was before everyone was using computing for everything. 

See below AND the conversations in the comments.   The comments outline 'solutions', but can be very weak 

In Schneier on Security:

Negotiating with Ransomware Gangs

Really interesting conversation with someone who negotiates with ransomware groups:

For now, it seems that paying ransomware, while obviously risky and empowering/encouraging ransomware attackers, can perhaps be comported so as not to break any laws (like anti-terrorist laws, FCPA, conspiracy and others) ­ and even if payment is arguably unlawful, seems unlikely to be prosecuted. Thus, the decision whether to pay or ignore a ransomware demand, seems less of a legal, and more of a practical, determination ­ almost like a cost-benefit analysis.   ...

(See the comments!)

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