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Monday, October 12, 2020

Classifying Quantum Sources

An interesting kind of classification.  Perhaps  determining it origins.   And as suggested, a faster way to do the classification.  This is another example at finding patterns.  Patterns are a form of information than can be useful to leverage the type or origins of signals.

ML-Assisted Method Rapidly Classifies Quantum Sources
Purdue University School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
September 10, 2020

Purdue University engineers have invented a machine learning-assisted technique for rapid selection of solid-state quantum emitters, which could enhance the efficiency of quantum photonic circuit development. Quantum emitters generate light with non-classical characteristics, but interfacing most solid-state emitters with scalable photonic platforms requires complex integration. The Purdue researchers trained a computer to recognize promising patterns in single-photon emission within a split second, to accelerate single-photon purity-based screening. Purdue's Zhaxylyk Kudyshev said the new technique could “speed up super-resolution microscopy methods built on higher-order correlation measurements that are currently limited by long image acquisition times.”... ' 

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