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Friday, October 23, 2020

Technology Tailoring in Education

Always an interesting question.  The nature of instruction.   In theory it could be precisely tailored to every student and by testing it could be altered in real time to get better results.  Personalized to get the best possible results for each student.  How practical is this,  how will it alter the business of education?   How much is the human touch needed?  

Using Technology to Tailor Lessons to Each Student,  The New York Times,  Janet Morrisey

Computer algorithms and machine learning are helping to personalize instruction to individual students, a trend experts say is long overdue. Some think the Covid-19 pandemic is accelerating U.S. schools' migration to personalized learning programs; American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten said, "Innovations like this can help educators meet students where they are and address their individual needs." Companies like New Classrooms are striving to advance personalized learning; the nonprofit's Teach to One 360 algorithm gives each student access to multigrade curriculums and skills, in order to better address learning gaps in those who are several grades behind. Other companies working aggressively on personalized learning solutions include Eureka Math, iReady, and Illustrative Mathematics.

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