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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Here Comes the No-Code Generation?

Been a long time follower of automating coding.   What will it mean to the future?   Hardly superpowers.  In fact when it finally fully arrives, you will hardly know its there at all.    It will then be folded into an algorithm,   Until then the coders of the future will still have to make sure the complex logic works in context.   And its implications for the 'right' answer.   Sure it should remove lots of the bother of getting the code correct and as secure as possible.  But then, click, it should be gone.   No more generation needed. 

The No-Code Generation is Arriving  By TechCrunch

October 28, 2020

The success and notoriety of no-code platforms comes from the feeling that they grant "superpowers" to their users.

In the distant past, there was a proverbial "digital divide" that bifurcated workers into those who knew how to use computers and those who didn't.[1] Young Gen Xers and their later millennial companions grew up with Power Macs and Wintel boxes, and that experience made them native users on how to make these technologies do productive work. Older generations were going to be wiped out by younger workers who were more adaptable to the needs of the modern digital economy, upending our routine notion that professional experience equals value.

Of course, that was just a narrative. Facility with using computers was determined by the ability to turn it on and log in, a bar so low that it can be shocking to the modern reader to think that a "divide" existed at all. Software engineering, computer science and statistics remained quite unpopular compared to other academic programs, even in universities, let alone in primary through secondary schools. Most Gen Xers and millennials never learned to code, or frankly, even to make a pivot table or calculate basic statistical averages.

There's a sociological change underway though, and it's going to make the first divide look quaint in hindsight.   ... " 

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