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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Google Duplex Books Haircuts.

Fascinated by 'booking' as a simplistic form of contextual conversational.   And it is interesting that Google Duplex took so long to get to this variant.  But is that significant?    I can see 'booking' being a script for many kinds of useful interactions.  Certainly as the start of such an interaction.   For example for expert interaction we required the filling out of a problem description form, to determine if an expert was necessary.   Simple example

Google Duplex Can Book Haircuts, 2 Years After Stage Demo  By Eric Hal Schwartz in Voicebot,ai

The Google Duplex voice AI service can now book haircuts for clients, a service Google demonstrated when it announced Duplex in 2018. Duplex uses the Google Assistant AI to call barbers and salons, setting up appointments for their client. Until now, Duplex had been limited to making restaurant reservations or getting store information like opening times on behalf of users.  ... " 

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