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Saturday, October 31, 2020

Illusory Perceptions

 In our early work in this area we thought we found such 'illusions'. Based on the text here, these were not the same thing as mentioned here,  but we named them 'illusions', inspired by thoughts of biomimicry.  Is this a hint we are getting closer to brain models?

AI Also Has Illusory Perceptions

RUVID/Network of Valencian Universities for the Promotion of Research, Development, and Innovation

October 16, 2020

Researchers at Spain’s Universitat de València (UV) and Pompeu Fabra University have found that convolutional neural networks (CNN) are affected by visual illusions, much like the human brain. The researchers trained CNNs for simple tasks and found they were susceptible to visual illusions of brightness, although the illusions may not coincide with biological illusory perceptions. Said UV's Jesús Malo, "This is one of the factors that leads us to think that it is not possible to establish analogies between the simple concatenation of artificial neural networks and the much more complex human brain." The researchers warned in a separate study about the use of CNNs to study human vision. Said Malo, "In addition to the intrinsic limitations of these artificial networks to model vision, the non-linear behavior of flexible architectures can be very different from that of the biological visual system."

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