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Thursday, October 15, 2020

AI for the Cloud

Teaching AI to speak code.

IBM Research’s Chief Scientist Talks AI for Cloud Migration in Informationweek

Part of the future is already here as AI increases its influence on hybrid cloud and the digital transformation equation, according to Ruchir Puri.

As enterprises consider how they might take advantage of adopting a hybrid cloud approach, AI may be poised to accelerate and shake up the possibilities, says Ruchir Puri, chief scientist with IBM Research. Known for his work with IBM Watson, Puri discussed with InformationWeek how IBM is approaching the digital era, hybrid cloud, and AI. This includes evolving AI technology born out of Watson and teaching AI to essentially speak code.

Puri’s team works on AI technology to assist with data migration from legacy systems and languages such as COBOL to the cloud, and he says AI augmentation could boost productivity through automation of IT.  .... "

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