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Thursday, October 15, 2020

Getting Experts to Transfer their Knowledge

 Some obvious here, but nicely arranged.   Spent much time on the premise.   Again consider how the knowledge can be re-tested and maintained. 

How KM Gets Experts to Transfer Their Knowledge  in APQC Blog

No matter what business you’re in, subject matter experts are likely in high demand. Your organization needs people with deep know-how and extensive experience to lead, innovate, and solve tough problems. But experts can’t just be islands unto themselves. You also need them to replicate and spread their knowledge by imparting it others.

It’s impossible to build an effective knowledge transfer program without engaging formal and informal subject matter experts. After all, these folks have the most knowledge to convey, especially when it comes to deep contextual understanding of the organization’s products and processes. Experts can play many different roles in knowledge transfer, but APQC groups these into four broad categories: ... 

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