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Sunday, November 01, 2020

RiskIQ and Ransomware

 Useful detail.

RiskIQ Has Released Its Corpus of Infrastructure and IOCs Related to Ryuk Ransomware  By TEAM RISKIQ

Ryuk Ransomware has flooded US hospitals, threatening to shut down their operations when they're needed most. Ryuk now accounts for a third of all ransomware attacks in 2020, with its operators finding success while many healthcare organizations are most vulnerable. However, the cybersecurity community is coming together to combat this rash of attacks, combining resources to provide network defenders with alerts and intelligence to protect our healthcare institutions. 

To do our part, RiskIQ released the entirety of the infrastructure related to the Ryuk strain of ransomware collected by RiskIQ's Internet Intelligence Graph. These expansive, unique holdings complement recent public efforts by US federal agencies and researchers at FireEye, exposing all known infrastructure these criminals use to execute their attacks. FireEye also publicly released all relevant Ryuk indicators of compromise (IOCs) it has observed in 2020. ... '

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