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Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Bots to Change Dr Patient Relationship

Bots in medicine example:

How Bots Will Change the Doctor-Patient Relationship  
David A. AschSean Nicholson, Marc L. Berger in HBR

It seems nearly everyone believes U.S. health care needs some transformative change to improve quality, expand access, or lower costs.  Many of the contemporary approaches toward that change involve making it easier for patients to see doctors, particularly primary care doctors. While that seems intuitive, we think it is the wrong path.

Imagine it’s 1970 and commercial bank executives are deciding how to help their customers get the banking services they need. One executive remarks, “Most of our customers engage with us through our bank tellers–even if they’re later referred to someone behind a desk. To help our customers get the banking services they need, we must make it easier for them to get in front of bank tellers.”

Whether or not discussions like that really happened, that wasn’t the direction banks took. Instead, banks introduced automated teller machines to improve customer service. As a result of this unshackling of banking from tellers, 25-year-olds today find it unimaginable that their parents contorted their schedule to get cash during the Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. window. In the age of Venmo, they can’t imagine the need for cash in the first place. ... "

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