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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Retail as Theater

Being close to Jungle Jims near Cincinnati, and have taken many international tour groups there,  so its a long time interest.  Hard to pull off, but always makes me smile and delight, and that gets me back there many more times than I would have.  This is somewhat different, and I imagine harder yet to deliver on.   But well worth the idea.  I also see that Jungle Jims food blog has been discontinued, too bad,  but had noted it was not updated enough.   ... Oh, pardon me, nix that ... their blog has been updated by another, which is here.

New concept turns retail store into a theatrical experience  by Matthew Stern

NYC retailer Showfields, a brick-and-mortar showcase for mostly online brands, is getting in on the experiential act with a theatrical guided tour called House of Showfields. 

To begin of the 20-minute immersive tour in the Showfields store, actors show customers the way through a hidden door on the third floor behind a bookcase (from a Showfields-hosted brand), according to a media release. The door leads to a spiral slide down to the building’s second floor, where actors then guide guests through rooms where they interact with products from brands that Showfields sells. 

In an interview with RetailWire, Showfields CEO and co-founder Tal Zvi Nathanel expanded on what visitors (who must RSVP for the experience) should expect. 

“You’re going through this very detailed and high-touch type of scene that you walk into,” Mr. Nathanel said. “From the door to the elevator to secret back doors … Everything is really fun and at each part of it you will meet a different actor who plays a different character and walks you through a specific kind of moment, which together have one cohesive narrative. The goal is to arouse your senses, give you a memorable moment, an emotional connection, allow you to connect with other people which are with you in that space right now … to give you a way to experience product in a fun way.” 

Mr. Nathanel would not elaborate on how the experience’s narrative arc will maintain an element of surprise, but said that the actors will portray an array of intriguing characters, such as scientists, artists, creators and explorers.  .... " 

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