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Tuesday, July 09, 2019

RFID Paper Embeds several Types of Tags

Interesting, flexible application of RFID embedded paper.

In RFID Journal

RFID Paper Turns the Page on Label and Card Printing
ISBC's new standard paper, with embedded NFC, HF or UHF tags, can be designed, ordered and printed according to customer demand, so that the tags can be cut directly from the paper as needed, and at a low cost.
By Claire Swedberg

Jul 09, 2019—Russian RFID technology company ISBC Group has released a solution known as RFID Paper, which is intended to enable companies to inexpensively print customized RFID labels in-house and on demand, as an alternative to label-conversion machines or third-party service bureaus and the long rolls of tags typically purchased from such businesses. Since its release earlier this year, ISBC's HF- or UHF-enabled paper has been used predominantly to print RFID-based cards and badges. RFID Paper can be printed via HP Indigo printers to produce several rows of ready-to-use RFID tags. .... " 

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