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Sunday, July 28, 2019

Supercomputers + Graphic Processing for Parameter Simulation

Another example of the use of simulation, and much faster computing to check proposed solutions.  We used just such methods in the enterprise, though well before we had the computing power mentioned here.   Its like traversing a solution space via partially automated game to find the right parameters to find best or even  'right' answers.

Supercomputers Use Graphics Processors to Solve Longstanding Turbulence Question 
Imperial College London
Hayley Dunning

Researchers at Imperial College London in the U.K. have solved a longstanding question in turbulence—the seemingly random changes in velocity and pressure that occur when a fluid flows fast enough—using supercomputers running simulations on graphics processors originally developed for gaming. The researchers found a solution that allows them to check empirical models of turbulence against the "correct" answer, to determine how well they are describing what actually happens, or if that needs adjusting. The supercomputer-created simulations allowed the researchers to find the exact parameters describing how turbulence dissipates in the flow, and determined various requirements that empirical turbulence models must satisfy.   .... "

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