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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Unilever: Virtual Plants via Digital Twins

Followed arch-rival Unilever for many years, always impressed by their tech expertise.  We did some similar things, creating an experimental supply chain that could be tested via crowd sourced management (ask me for a paper copy, or a consult)  But they seem have take not much further, can see why.  Adding direct sensors, for example.   Why not always have a supply chain you can

Unilever Uses Virtual Factories to Tune Up Its Supply Chain 
The Wall Street Journal
By Jennifer Smith

Unilever is using data streaming from sensor-equipped machines to create virtual versions of its factories that can track physical conditions and allow for testing of operational changes. The "digital twin" technique uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze massive amounts of information from connected devices in an effort to make production more efficient and flexible. The technology, which Unilever developed with the help of Microsoft, lets the company make real-time changes to optimize output and use materials more precisely, helping to limit waste. Unilever now has eight such digital twins of plants in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. ...  "

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