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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

How Much Data do we Generate?

Usually not a fan of infographics, but this one makes the case well, click through for it.  Sounds good, but experience tells me its still not that all the data that you will need.

Domo’s Latest ‘Data Never Sleeps’ Infographic – Just How Much Data Are We Generating Now?
Staff report in Datanami

Domo – a cloud software company based in Utah – has released the seventh annual iteration of its popular “Data Never Sleeps” infographic. The infographic, which was introduced in 2013, highlights the scale of global data by presenting the amount of data generated every minute on popular apps and social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, and Tinder.

The numbers – as always – are staggering. The infographic shows that almost 700,000 aggregate hours of Netflix are watched every minute – an increase, Domo says, of 614 percent over last year’s report. Similarly, the report saw a 21 percent increase in use of Tinder and a 12 percent increase in photos shared per minute on Instagram. .... " 

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