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Thursday, July 25, 2019

Hierarchical Clustering Example

Here a good technical, but readily understandable,  example of hierarchical clustering.  With Code.  We used similar methods in the enterprise, but not for crime data clustering.  We used routines in SAS.

US Arrests: Hierarchical Clustering using DIANA and AGNES
Posted by Neeraj  in DSC:

Data Science and Machine Learning are furtive, they go un-noticed but are present in all ways possible and everywhere. They contribute significantly in all the fields they are applied and leave us with evidence which we can rely on and take data-driven directions. Today, a very interesting area we are going to see an example of Data Science and Machine Learning is ‘Crimes’. We are going to focus on types of crimes taken place across 50 states in the USA and cluster them. We cluster them for the following reasons:

To understand state-wise crime demographics
To make laws applicable in states depending upon the type of crime taking place most often
Getting police and forces ready by the type of crime done in respective states
Predicting the crimes that may happen and thus taking measures in advance
The above are the few applications which can be considered but they are not exhaustive, depending upon the data reports produced by the algorithms there can be more such applications which can be deployed. Our concern today is to understand how we can deploy Hierarchical clustering in two ways i.e. DIANA and AGNES for the USA Arrests data.  .... " 

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