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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Clothing Brand uses IOTA Blockchain

IOTA, which does a novel kind of blockchain consensus model, using a directed acyclic graph (DAG).  Have been following it for a while for its potential in smart contract applications.

Clothing brand Alyx turns to Iota’s blockchain to track garment authenticity
  Kyt Dotson in Silicon Angle

Clothing designer Matthew William’s luxury fashion brand Alyx announced today that it will use Iota Foundation’s blockchain distributed ledger technology to track the production of clothing from raw materials to the final product.

The system, which will be used to instill consumer trust, combines the efforts of materials science company Avery Dennison and supply chain visibility firm Evrything along with Alyx and Iota.

Using a quick response or QR code printed on a tag connected to the clothing item in question, a customer can use an app to follow a shirt or dress to “track to rack” to see where the materials were sourced from, where the textiles were manufactured, what factory the garment was sewn in and finally shipped to the retail store.

This, luxury brands have begun to believe, will fill in a missing rung when it comes to brand trust. By allowing consumers to better understand the origins of their clothing, brands hope that they can instill a better sense of genuine quality in the minds of customers.

“Blockchain and distributed ledger technology is the future for effective brand protection,” said Matthew Williams, the British fashion designer behind the Alyx label. “By supplying product information, supply chain traceability and transparent dialogue with the consumer, the brand’s authenticity is globally secured.”  ... ' 

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