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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Secure Cloud Architecture for Smart Cities

Having seen how municipalities are being attacked by malware, this is becoming essential.

A Secure Cloud Architecture for Smart Cities
Government Computer News
Stephanie Kanowitz   Syracuse University
July 11, 2019

Syracuse University researchers have issued a new blueprint designed to help smart cities and communities create a hybrid cloud architecture that upholds confidentiality, access control, least privileges, and security of personally identifiable information. The Smart City and Community Challenge cloud privacy security rights inclusive architecture action cluster developed the framework, which is designed to back up critical systems in the event of attacks. The architecture employs a three-tiered data/risk classification scheme, with workflows applied to data depending on its classification. Officials then assign probability, impact, and overall ratings to each risk, and install mitigation controls. The researchers first tested the architecture by applying it to a network of city-owned smart streetlights in Syracuse, NY; other projects under consideration for the architecture include catch-basin monitoring and water-metering projects, in addition to others involving the ethics of artificial intelligence, facial recognition, and machine learning.  ... " 

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