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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

OnTop-Down Testing

Simple but well stated.   How do you test?   Whats important?  Useful tips:   See also 'Chaos Engineering', at the tag below, now also in common use.

4 keys to a top-down testing strategy
By  Hans Buwalda, Chief Technology Officer, LogiGear

It's difficult enough to keep up with advances in software testing. Add to that the growing number of misunderstandings between test teams and leaders about how, where, and when to test, and it becomes even more challenging to achieve on-time, quality releases.

If you involve senior leaders in the testing process from the beginning, you can overcome many of these problems. While those leaders won't be doing the manual work, they should understand at a basic level what it takes to test and deliver great software.

From there, it's possible to establish leadership from the top by setting clear expectations around quality and by providing the proper support for team members. This support includes education, training, tools, and more.

As firms look to adopt testing in continuous delivery, they are questioning whether test plans still have a place. They do. Modern test plans can provide a vehicle for creating and communicating the test strategy and approach. They give teams an opportunity to communicate assumptions and approaches, including exclusions such as why a factor wasn't tested.

Here are some key testing tips to keep in mind : ....

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