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Friday, July 19, 2019

Missing in Action

Former colleague wrote this excellent book about his civil ancestor based on decades of research.  Just finished.  Very good read.

MISSING IN ACTION, 1863: Lieutenant Andrew Jackson Lacy and Tennessee's Confederate Cavalry    By Mark E. Lacy  | Mar 22, 2019

Lieutenant Andrew Jackson Lacy served in Tennessee's Confederate cavalry under Nathan Bedford Forrest and disappeared during the Civil War. His great-great-grandson took it upon himself to tackle this 150-year-old missing persons case. Drawing on a large number of family letters from the Civil War, Mark Lacy has reconstructed the story of his ancestor's service to the Confederacy as well as the chaotic circumstances under which the young lieutenant vanished behind enemy lines, only twenty-five miles from home. The result is a detailed account that brings the war down to a personal level and highlights the hardships brought on by guerrillas attacking families and their farms.  ... " 

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