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Monday, July 22, 2019

On the Creativity of AI

A long time question of mine, will AI subvert creativity that occurs normally when we normally do tasks?   Or will AI do that as well?

AI Is More Creative Than You Think
By Jay Baer, Partner  in the Cisco Blog

Artificial intelligence does three things really well: acceleration, accuracy, and automation. Today’s machines are good at accomplishing tasks within these domains, but they aren’t yet capable of crossing them. They stay in their lane — the lane their human told them to stay in. As a result, we view machines as being better suited for “left-brain” tasks. But more and more, artificial intelligence is bridging into realms once considered uniquely human because they are right-brained.

According to my friend Christopher Penn, co-founder of TrustInsights and author of AI for Marketers, there will be two types of marketing jobs in the future: Either you will manage the machines, or the machines will manage you. This includes creative tasks, which were once considered a no-go zone for AI.

In creative disciplines, much of the work is procedural. If you’ve ever set up a social media ad campaign, you know this. If you’ve ever written headlines or email subject lines, you know this. To the extent creative work can be templated, it’s up for AI grabs.

In 2016, 20thCentury Fox partnered with IBM Research to explore the idea of whether or not artificial intelligence (Watson, in this case) could create a movie trailer. The movie was — not ironically — a horror / suspense film about artificial intelligence. IBM taught Watson how to understand the relationships between the patterns and types of emotions humans consider frightening, suspenseful, and scary.

The result isn’t bad. ..... "

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