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Thursday, July 25, 2019

Voice Powered Gaming on Alexa

Have never done voice powered gaming, how well does it work?    Another channel that makes you think about when/why voice first can be best, or be engaging or even work at all.  We immediately thought about hands-free. 

Alexa, tell me about the rise of voice-powered gaming
Games played with voice commands are catching on, and now Amazon is betting on the nascent industry.  by Tanya Basu in Technology Review

Imagine you’re on a voyage in deep space when you’re suddenly awakened from a cryo-slumber to discover your ship is under siege from ... something. Still partly in stasis, you have only one chance to save yourself and your crew. You need to steer the ship to safety—with only your voice.

That’s the concept behind Vortex, a game from voice-first Portuguese studio Doppio, released earlier this year. The company is set to release another game on Amazon this fall. .... "

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