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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Getting Data to Drive Decisions

Some of the earliset work we did was to engineer ways we could get data to decision makers.  Visually if possible. And to groups of people that could formulate key decisions.    And get feed back to these same people/groups to tailor a decision, and track its outcome usefully.   There is still lots of work to do to link process, decisions and driving data and analytics.

Data Engineers: The C-Suite’s Savior       By Richa Dhanda in DataNami

Today’s competitive marketplace requires companies to be data-driven. Why? Because data has become the fuel for organizations to deliver better and faster decisions, quickly respond to customers, and analyze, understand and act on new opportunities (or threats) ahead of the competition. However, becoming a data-driven organization is not easy.  As highlighted in a recent Gartner report,  “despite massive investments in data and analytics initiatives, nearly 50% of organizations report difficulties in bringing them into production.”

That’s where data engineers come in. Their role is to help the company make the best use of data to accomplish business objectives. And, as demonstrated by a recent survey of Fortune 1,000 decision makers, this role is absolutely critical as established companies are being disrupted by technology-savvy new entrants.

Surveys say 80% of big data C-suite executives acknowledge the potential threats of technology disruption and displacement, yet only 7.3% of them feel confident that they were well-prepared for the future.  .... " 

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