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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Nestle and Enterra for Intelligent Daily Business Decisions

We had talked to Enterra regarding supply chain applications.  Intriguing company and solutions.  Nestle's decision to automate complex decision making for CPG is also interesting.  Like the idea of emphasizing key processes and decisions.  Good move towards the intelligent enterprise. 

Press Release.    Supporting Video.

Nestlé Selects AI-Driven Analytics Firm Enterra To Build Platform for Marketing, Autonomous Sales

David Bloom Senior Contributor in Forbes

Nestlé USA and Pennsylvania cognitive-computing company Enterra Solutions are working together to use artificial-intelligence tools to transform the way the consumer-packaged-goods giant makes daily business decisions. Following.  

The companies are deploying two Enterra software packages that provide advanced sales and marketing insights and automate complex decision-making. The companies also are creating and staffing a center for advanced analytics on the Nestlé campus.

Enterra’s cognitive computing platform will be a crucial part of Nestlé USA's Intelligent Enterprise project. The shift to advanced artificial-intelligence applications that can transform decision-making and business processes is happening with companies across sectors such as entertainment, transportation and manufacturing.  

Enterra is also building the Center for Advanced Analytics and Insights at Nestlé’s Virginia headquarters, and staffing it with an advanced-analytics team of mathematicians, artificial intelligence and data scientists, consumer-packaged-goods experts and data-management and -visualization specialists.

The new initiatives will focus on gathering a wide range of pertinent data and integrating it to make smarter, faster decisions and break silos between Nestlé, its suppliers and customers.  ... "

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