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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Etsy Uses an Algorithm for Style

Interesting example, with forthcoming details.   Note its alliance to something most everyone does today, utilize e-commerce.  Look forward to seeing the details of the paper.

 How Etsy taught style to an algorithm  By Harry McCrackenin in FastCompany

From “romantic” to “rustic,” the marketplace for handcrafted goods that express distinctive aesthetics is teaching its search engine to know what’s what.

 ... After about a year of work, Fisher says, Etsy has trained a machine-learning model to effectively suss out the styles of items on the site, based on both textual and visual cues. The company is about to start testing results based on this new algorithm on the Etsy site. But it also believes that the technology it’s developed could have applications well beyond making e-commerce more relevant. Which is why three of Etsy’s data scientists have written a paper about it—coauthored with a Twitter employee—which they’ll present at the Association for Computing Machinery’s KDD (Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining) conference in August. .... " 

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