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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Cisco On IOT in New Orleans Preventing Crime

Used to spend quite a bit of time in New Orleans.  Never thought of it as particularly low crime, based on what I saw in the papers.   Like to see that change.  But aims to be better yet with IOT as Cisco outlines in their blog.  How much this will be bashed with bias implications remains to be seen. 

Keeping the City of New Orleans safe with Cisco IoT

While the Big Easy has long been famous for letting the good times roll, New Orleans is increasingly recognized for good times AND less crime. In fact, since the 2017 launch of its Real-Time Crime Center (RTCC), the City has become a leader in using Cisco IoT solutions to support public safety.
Core to the City’s IoT solutions are hundreds of IP cameras installed on nearly every corner. These cameras – powered securely by a wireless network of ruggedized Cisco ISR with the Cisco IR829 integrated service routers (ISR) – stream live video to the RTCC. In a matter of minutes, the RTCC processes and shares relevant footage with officers in the field. It also gathers and analyzes video footage as part of longer-term investigations of criminal activity and quality-of-life concerns.

“The Cisco IR829 has supported everything we’ve asked it to do. It has been extremely reliable and very robust in every aspect of every solution we’ve thrown at it.”   Richard Couget, Network Manager, City of New Orleans

Imagine it: Rather than showing up at a scene with little or no background information, police arrive armed with critical insights. In the past, it might take an officer 20 minutes to interview both parties involved in a car accident. With accident footage in tow, the officer can handle the situation and return to the field far more quickly.

In other cases, the City’s IP cameras catch crimes in progress. Within minutes, the RTCC sends footage to nearby walking-beat police officers who can quickly identify and arrest the culprits. And whether responding within minutes or days after a crime has occurred, having concrete evidence in hand enables greater police efficiency when interviewing witnesses and suspects.  .... " 

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