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Friday, July 26, 2019

Captioning Audible Books

The idea below is a kind of captioning of audio from a a book being read to you.    Gives you two streams, audio and visual, for a given book.    I would find this useful, sometimes one or the other works better, also seems its useful for accessibility as well.  Sometimes I want to 'reread' a section of text I may not have understood audibly, and that's usually easier to visually scan than hear.  Also good for things that are best shown rather than described, like pictures or charts or equations.   Had thought a number of times that captions would be useful.   A recent book on Leonardo kept pointing me to a pdf for painting illustrations, those could have been made accessible in captions.

But it seems some publishers believe its giving too much away:

Publishers are pissed about Amazon’s upcoming Audible Captions feature
Some are asking for their books to be withheld from the feature
By Andrew Liptak  @AndrewLiptak  in TheVerge ... 

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