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Sunday, July 28, 2019

IBM Gives Cancer AI to Open Source

Like the potential of clearly beneficial approaches being shared this way.    What outcomes have come out of this work to date?

IBM Gives Cancer-Killing Drug AI Project to the Open Source Community 
Charlie Osborne

IBM has released to the open source community three artificial intelligence (AI) projects designed to address the challenge of curing cancer. The projects, led by researchers at IBM's Computational Systems Biology Group in Switzerland, involve developing AI and machine learning approaches to help accelerate the understanding of the leading drivers and molecular mechanisms of different cancers. The first project, PaccMann, is working to develop an algorithm that can automatically analyze chemical compounds and predict which are most likely to overcome cancer strains. The second project, "Interaction Network infErence from vectoR representATions of words" (INtERAcT), aims to develop a tool that can automatically extract information from the thousands of papers published every year on cancer research. The third project, "pathway-induced multiple kernel learning," focuses on an algorithm that uses datasets describing what is currently known about molecular interactions to predict the prognosis of cancer patients.  .... "

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