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Friday, July 19, 2019

European Public Procurement Knowledge Graph

Quite interesting view of how this kind of knowledge can be represented and exercised in semantic representations.    Driving key decisions in context.  Also a good asset measurement?     Note its open source.

Researchers Launch First Knowledge Graph on European Public Procurement     University of Southampton     July 15, 2019

A newly released knowledge graph was designed by open data specialists to boost procurement data analytics and decision-making capabilities across Europe. Researchers working with the "TheyBuyForYou" project integrated tender and company data to develop the open source knowledge graph for public procurement. Said University of Southampton's Elena Simperl, "Knowledge graphs bring together data from a variety of sources into a common format that can be easily extended and reused by organizations. By releasing the graph open source, we hope to encourage developers to use it in their own products and give us feedback on how we could improve it." ... ' 

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