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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Polly Makes for Better Text to Voice

Just heard a demonstration of Amazon's New Polly voice delivery system.    Very much better then the current 'reading' capability.  Will be trying it with some of my test text files.  Key also is the ability to retrain to new voice styles. 

Amazon’s text-to-speech service Polly gets a newscaster-style voice.   in   By Mike Wheatley in Silicon Angle

Amazon Web Services Inc. is taking on Google LLC in human voice replication, adding two new features today to Amazon Polly, a cloud-based service that transforms text into lifelike speech and is used to create applications that can talk.

The first of the new features is called Neural Text-To-Speech, which Amazon says delivers “significant improvements” in speech quality by boosting the “naturalness” and “expressiveness” of synthesized voices.

One of the great things about Neural Text-To-Speech is that it’s able to learn new speaking styles with just a few hours of training, thanks to a new artificial intelligence model that Amazon wrote about in a research paper last year. That model works by combining large amounts of standard, neutral speech with just a few hours of additional voice data in the target speaking style. New supplementary data can be added as desired to create various additional speaking styles.  ....  "

More about AWS Polly.

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