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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Text Generating AI

Still have not seen an example of text generation that is completely convincing.  But having one, especially if it was context adapting, could be a real concern.

Get ready to waste your day with this creepily accurate text-generating A.I. in Digitaltrends.

Whether you believe it was one of the most dangerous versions of artificial intelligence created or dismiss it as a massive unnecessary PR exercise, there’s no doubt that the GPT-2 algorithm created by research lab OpenA.I. caused a lot of buzz when it was announced earlier this year.

Revealed in February, OpenA.I. said it developed an algorithm too dangerous to release to the general public. Although only a text generator, GPT-2 supposedly generated text so crazily humanlike that it could convince people that they were reading a real text written by an actual person. To use it, all a user had to do would be to feed in the start of the document, and then let the A.I. take over to complete it. Give it the opening of a newspaper story, and it would even manufacture fictitious “quotes.” Predictably, news media went into overdrive describing this as the terrifying new face of fake news. And for potentially good reason.  ... "

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