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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Generating Speech from the Brain

I have heard that this was a solved problem many times.   Is it actually here now?   Seems that once this is really solved, we will immediately see it in working products.  The article is also cautious, the approach is interesting.  Awaiting that.

 Scientists pull speech directly from the brain in TechCrunch
By Devin     @techcrunch

In a feat that could eventually unlock the possibility of speech for people with severe medical conditions, scientists have successfully recreated the speech of healthy subjects by tapping directly into their brains. The technology is a long, long way from practical application but the science is real and the promise is there.

Edward Chang, neurosurgeon at UC San Francisco and co-author of the paper published today in Nature, explained the impact of the team’s work in a press release: “For the first time, this study demonstrates that we can generate entire spoken sentences based on an individual’s brain activity. This is an exhilarating proof of principle that with technology that is already within reach, we should be able to build a device that is clinically viable in patients with speech loss.”  ... ' 

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